Q. What is CedarVibe?

A. CedarVibe is the ultimate platform for online selling, shopping and networking.

Q. What are the services of CedarVibe?

A.   1- CedarShop: Buy and sell your used and new items online.
      2- CedarStores: Create your online shop and post your goods.
      3- CedarClub: Create discounts for CedarVibe members to increase your business clientele.
      4- CedarNetwork: This is the people’s directory all members can join to post their profile, bio, phone number, store link and profession.
      5- CedarPrime: An ever-growing accounting cloud based system for your business needs.

Q. What are the types of memberships in CedarVibe?

A. Free, Affiliate, Silver, Gold and diamond.

Q. Who have access to my accounting data?

A. In short: no one. Your data is encrypted in our cloud servers with your username and password. Your password is hashed and linked to your phone number therefore cannot be retrieved by anyone one even our support team.

Q. Do you have online support?

A. Our online chat support is from 9AM to 5PM GMT+2 and you can always fill in our contact form for help or any enquiry.

Q. What is the affiliate program?

A. Our affiliate program is here to help grow our community and to involve our customer with a loyalty program that benefits them.
When you tell your friends and family about our system and they want to join, simply provide them with your EPIN (e.g.: LB1234567) so they can join our system as your affiliates. After joining you will earn points in your wallet and you can interact with them with chat.

Q. Where can I buy a Voucher?

A. Vouchers are not available in all countries, please ask support for availability.

Q. Where can I use my CedarCoins?

A. CedarCoins can be used at any shop in CedarShop or at any member of CedarClub, a merchant mobile app for android OS is available for all members of the CedarClub.